Published on 08/31/2017 10:17 am
Rat killing v/s rat repelling

It's pretty hard to describe how shocked people feel when they see a rat in their house. Rats are filthy, destructive, and can carry disease. Fifty-thousand people each year receive rat bites. They destroy crops and property. So when they show up in your home, it's hard to stay calm. Fortunately, you can take several steps to control them. Even though rats can weigh up to 18 ounces, you don't always see them. Most people discover rats by seeing signs of their presence. Look for droppings near food sources. Also, rats follow the same pathways as they search for food, so they leave greasy marks along sideboards and walls. s. There is no single solution for rat problem. You can slowly but steadily poison rats, electrocute them or keep away from your house with the help of electronic ultrasonic repellent or natural repellent sprays. Which way suits you best? While natural sprays and DIY ideas are cost effective but they are very slow with a lesser success rate..  If you plan to kill the rat using rat poison you will face the nasty dead rat smell, which will worsen unless you find and throw away a rat’s corpse. So one of the best options for getting rid of mouse and rats at home and your work place is ultra sonic mouse and rat repellent. Ultrasonic rat and mouse repellent devices with their high frequency sound waves are intolerable to rodents . why ultrasonic rat and mouse repellent instead of conventional methods .

There are many reasons why you should try out ultrasonic  rat repellent instead if conventional methods or home remedies to get rid of rats , rodents and mice. There are various companies in the market which offers products for electronic or ultrasonic rat repellent. We can also buy ultrasonic mouse repellent online easily and speedily.
These. Products are:

Easy to install

Compact and handy

No Toxic Chemicals or Messy Traps

No Maintenance

This device is a permanent solution to a rodent problem.

Eco friendly

Does not harm humans or pets

Is cost effective and easily available in market and online

They are hygienic  

Consumes less electricity

Easy plug in operation

Covers sufficient areas

Has long durability

One of the most important reason why I am in favour of ultrasonic rat repellent is because its kinder than poisoning and killing the rats and rodents or trapping them.

Out of all the brands available in market Mnr brands offers one of the best ultrasonic rat repellent and supersonic mouse repellent which we can buy online. As the brand is in this industry for a long time now and their range of products is effective and affordable and most importantly they are safe for you and your family and of course your pets.

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Super Sonic, Ultrasonic Pest Repellent in India by MNR Brands